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We promote physical and mental health through education.

We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) professional organization
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About EMG Health Communications

EMG Health Communications is a not-for-profit 501©(3) organization whose mission is to develop a different culture of health awareness and health education focused on improving physical and mental wellbeing.

Founded in 1997, EMG Health is the first to:

  1. develop the first educational documentary on HIV titled « My Friend Ari » for the Haitian and American audience
  2. reunite, after 20 years, a mother with her daughter dying of AIDS [1999]
  3. help strengthen bonding between parents and adolescents through the Parent Training Program [1999-present]
  4. recognize the contribution of minority women and men in the arts, literature and science [2001-present]
  5. craft a culturally sensitive Breast Health Program (BHP) for women [2001-present]
  6. provide continuous training on public health issues i.e. smoking
  7. work closely with and provide health education to religious leaders [2003-present]
  8. educate Caribbean women living with AIDS on how to have a better quality of life [2003-present]
  9. plan annual recreative forum to disseminate health messages
  10. provide support to victims of natural disasters i.e. 2010 Haiti Earthquake / 2016 Hurricane Matthew
  11. reach out to worldwide philanthropists

1997 - 2017: 20 Years of History in Health Education and Community Services
‘At EMG Health, we not only educate, train, guide and support but we hold people’s hands till the end’

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• Volunteer in one of our teaching programs
• Provide your expertise to navigate clients through the health care system
• Donate generously towards our community programs
• All donatons tax deductible

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Services - Information

Breast Health Program

Counseling, referral services, & an annual conference which presents the best instructional and most comprehensive learning approach for women in our “diaspora" communities.
The Breast Health Program [BHP] includes:
► Educational Workshops on breast cancer prevention and counseling;
► Material Development - FAF Booklet -
► Outreach and Information
► Radio Communication Programs
► Referral Services
► Support Services
► Annual Conference

EMG Health Cancer Resources *click to view pdf

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Faith-Based Leaders Education

In 2003, Dr. Eustache Jean-Louis, Executive Director of the Center for Community Health, Education and Research (CCHER) in Boston, MA was contacted by Pastor Monifa Jumane of Atlanta, GA to provide a two-day training on selected learning modules in HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention to community faith-based leaders in New York City. Given our prior involvement with AIDS education, having produced the first documentary entitled « Mon Ami Ari » in 1999, Dr. Jean-Louis reached out to us at EMG Health Communications to conduct this program. It was an impressive start.

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International Mission

EMG Health Communications is a not-for- profit 501©(3) organization whose mission is to develop a different culture of health awareness and health education focused on improving physical and mental well being.
Founded in 1997, EMG Health Communications, a 501©(3) non-profit organization, focuses on health and wellness while addressing the needs of the community in a culturally sensitive manner. Reaching out to women, men, families, seniors and youth.

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Our Needs

We are looking for VOLUNTEERS in:
►Community Health
►Social Work
►Outreach & Event Planning

For 5%-10% of the time, retirees welcome!
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Women's Celebration
March 25, 2018

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Best Wishes

From all of us
We wish all of your
A joyous Christmas
Health, Peace, and Success
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20 years of Health Education and Community Services
We got here thanks to you.
We are forever grateful.